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Birkbeck for teenagers?

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    I'm applying from the United States. Originally, I was born in London, and have visited for extended periods of time since. This is how I knew during applications that I wanted to be in London for university. I applied to 6 universities, 5 in London, 1 in Manchester. I just got my AP Exam (like A-Level) results, and I got extremely close for my 2 most preferred universities (King's College and Manchester) but just barely missed out. On the bright side, for my insurance choice, Birkbeck, I met the conditions. My problem is, I have cold feet about Birkbeck now. I figured the age situation (I am 18 years old) would not be too big of a deal to me, but I'm nervous. Is there anyone who had a similar experience going to Birkbeck as a 18-20 like me, or am I alone in this. I'd love to get a greater knowledge of this before I commit to a university where I may be completely out of place. I applied for Economics, if that is relevant to my question.

    For the social aspects related to university, it depends if you're outgoing and willing to make friends with anyone. I was quite shy at first so most of my friends were made in university of London Halls. There is also a number of universities situated around us so there is plenty of people to mingle with. There are a fair few 18-20 year olds at Birkbeck but they have the same mentality and find it hard to find others like them.

    I'm studying Economic and Social Policy and had two absolute waste of time lv 4 modules lasting a few months in my first two years. Your course doesn't seem to have them which is good, and the quality of teaching is strong. The organisation and management of the department is iffy but that isn't key usually.
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