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Lymph node lumps

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    Since October I noticed a small pea sized lump on my right neck. It has stayed the same size. I can feel the lymph nodes in my groin about 1cm. The one on my right it more noticeable then left groin. on my right jaw my gland is slightly bigger and recently about 4 months ago I noticed another lymph node about 0.5 cm. I don't really gets sweats. I'm about 8 stone 5,5 in height and 17 years old female . Is it normal for me to feel these lymph nodes?? I'm worried it's cancer. I've been to doctor who works in haematology and they said they feel fine. And blood is ok. But they didn't give me a biopsy or anything.

    It sounds like you could be worrying over nothing. I get swelled lymph nodes a lot, whenever I catch something. If a doctor says everything is fine, I'd listen to it. If anything changes, go back, but don't be worrying that you have cancer even after you've been checked over. You didn't get a biopsy because they didn't think you needed one. If you really feel the need to, get a second opinion, but if they say the same thing then take what they say as true

    I've got a pea sized lump in my lower neck and a Malteaser sized lump behind my ear, both on the same side.

    I've had them for 2 and a half years now and they came up during an ear infection and I was worried they were cancerous but nope, they were just simple lymph nodes responding to an infection. I've had them checked out and been given the all clear but to this day, they still worry me. Its totally normal to feel pea sized lumps. Normal lymph nodes are roughly pea sized to begin with. I'd only worry about them if they start to grow or you notice more come up and you aren't ill with a bug or something. Keep an eye on them but don't obsess over them. Checking them once or twice a month would even be fine.

    A lot of lymph nodes don't go back down to their original size after an infection and that's fine. Playing with them doesn't help them to go back down either. I used to touch mine at least 50+ times a day so mine are probably up for life now :laugh:
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Updated: July 8, 2016
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