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Prefect application

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    can someone please read over this for me? its due in for tomorrow x - im only 15 and this is my first post so please give me a break

    Dear Ms _,

    I am applying to become a year eleven-prefect/head girl because I am passionate about making positive changes to our school and improving my year group by ensuring everybody’s experience in _ is fulfilling. Becoming a prefect is also a huge opportunity, which will allow me to contribute and repay our school for the tremendous amount of help I have been given over the past few years.

    As I previously mentioned, the main reason I would like to apply is because I hope to make a difference to the academic and behavioural progress of our year group and the school as a whole. My intent by the end of year eleven is to massively uplift the motivation of the pupils in my year group and ensure my peers that their last year in _ is both productive and rewarding. For example, establishing a reward system in order to motivate students consistently. I regard all of my teachers with the highest respect and have a positive relationship with all of my classmates. I feel that I am more than capable of earning the role of head girl because I am very understanding and considerate to each persons separate requirements.

    There are various special qualities that I have which I feel will allow me to take on the role accordingly. I am able to work as part of a team, yet demonstrate my leadership skills. My friends generally come to me when advice is needed as I love to advise and encourage people, I am trustworthy and do not conceal my thoughts on any given issue. In comparison to others I tend to think differently I prefer to utilise my own logic, reasoning and emotional aspects to resolve problems. Also, as I have been told in the past I am able to identify intentions and how a person is feeling with great efficiency. This includes those who I have had minimal communication with. I am extremely passionate about history, especially the Civil rights movement, the abolition of slavery and especially the feminist movements, which have all brought me to where I am today. In the future, I would like to attend university to specialise in medicine and gain a Ph.D. I will then go on to become a general practitioner and I hope to own a family practise. This is because I would like to help others and provide a comfortable environment to my patients. In all honesty, I simply aspire to be similar to my mother as she is tenacious and has always taught me to concentrate on my education and be truthful and respectable but most of all generous.

    Personally, I believe that I have the vital qualities needed for the role; I am reliable, responsible and take initiative when faced with challenging circumstances. Additionally, I have participated in multiple extra-curricular activities and have had various experiences that allowed me to advance in different aspects. I have also had my own personal bullying experiences, which have enabled me to relate to students, as I am well aware of the difficulties faced throughout secondary. Due to the bullying experiences I dealt with during year seven to nine it lead me to want to help pupils who may be bullied for example being a form of guidance and a person to confide in. For instance, by taking on the role of an anti-bullying peer mentor I required level-headed decision making skills, a mature attitude in order to be sensitive towards the harsh nature of some of the topics discussed and ability to prioritise my time for group meetings. Therefore, my knowledge based on my own self-experience can help in ending bullying in our school. My experience in the student leadership group (three years, one year in school council) and air cadets has also prepared me in handling demanding assignments. The skills required for becoming an anti-bullying mentor in year ten, are similar to those of the student leadership group as I am challenged frequently with prioritising my time for meetings and completing all of my work. The RAF also allowed me to develop and improve my confidence, collaborative teamwork skills and public speaking skills, as I had to learn to express my opinion in a formal appropriate manner with an audience. In addition to this, Air Cadets majorly improved my leadership skills. The book group majorly impacted my organisation skills, as I had to meet the deadline frequently. This greatly developed my ability to fluently keep up with a short deadline. Therefore, whether I am capable of juggling schoolwork and partaking in other extra-curricular activities has been guaranteed successful.

    Furthermore, I am definitely able to handle prefect duties; I know I am prepared for the demanding situations I may be put in. My history of following our schools code of conduct, in my opinion has proven to be up to par as I have not majorly broken any school rules. In terms of my presentation and my school uniform I believe it is of a very high standard and anytime I have had any uniform issues, I have resolved them immediately. Overall, I believe I am a suitable candidate for year eleven prefects and head girl because I am able to relate to students, confident, compassionate and experienced.

    Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Wow! So impressive, you would definitely get the chance to becoming a year 11 prefect! Its really good on how you described yourself, its very confident! The whole thing itself is really good, there is nothing to worry about, i hope you get the job in becoming a prefect!
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    (Original post by happydimples)
    Wow! So impressive, you would definitely get the chance to becoming a year 11 prefect! Its really good on how you described yourself, its very confident! The whole thing itself is really good, there is nothing to worry about, i hope you get the job in becoming a prefect!
    Thanks loads, I really appreciate it and I hope so too <3
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