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Should Somalia leave the Arab League?

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    Hi guys, I thought I would start a discussion on this and see what people think on Somalia leaving the Arab league. In my opinion, I think Somalia should leave the Arab league as........ we have not benefited anything from it, IN FACT if anything we have gained nothing but brutality from them with all the illegal kidney harvesting going on in Egypt etc (the list goes on). Hasn't the time come for Somalis to say bye to the Arab league? I think we should start a petition for leaving it, what do you GUYS THINK? post your opinions below.

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    I'm not Somalian though from what I read the Arab league is a lesser version of the EU. Somalexit?
    It said there is an economic union but I don't how much the economic benefit Somalia actually gets (the idea of the rich gulf countries economically supporting the poorer countries isn't necessarily bad for that region, but I understand that isn't the reality).
    That said, I'm sorry to hear about the horrible things that has allowed to happen. But are you sure that's entirely the Arab league's fault? It could also be the failures of Somalian and Egyptian govt.
    It seemed to offer military support but knowing Arab militaries, that might not be much...
    Just some thoughts. It seems to be just a massive moaning organisations to the UN (or is that OIC? :holmes:)

    How would they leave if they have got effectively no government?
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    They actually do have a government which is functioning well so far. The civil war is over. They just need to combat Shabab.
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