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Claireestelle's summer bucket list

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    This is my first summer where I m not a student so I want to get into a good balance with full time work and making the best of my evenings and weekends.

    Not started=
    In progress=

    Learn more BSL- This was on my list last year but i only got as far as learning to sign my name, so want to make more progress this year

    Start and finish a fiction book- I haven't read an entire fiction book since before finding out I had dyslexia in 2013 (i tried reading GOT but got bored after 100 pages).

    Try out new restaurants and cafe's in my city- Lived here for almost 3 years and still haven't tried everywhere so have places to tick off the list.

    Visit blackpool- I've been meaning to since I moved here so this summer i ll finally go hopefully.

    Finally beat my partner at a game of chess- In the over 2.5 years we've been together so this is a competitive goal for me:P

    Work through my baking pins on pinterest- I have a habit of pinning things and not getting round to trying them so I'm going to try and working through them.

    Go camping with friends- Haven't done it in years so lots of camping supplies to buy:P

    Stick to my budget and make consistent payments into my savings account- now i'm working full time i have a decent disposable income so i want to be responsible with it and save as much as possible.

    Try to pay off more of my student finance overpayment- at the moment i'm set to pay it off just before my 22nd birthday but would love to get it paid by christmas.

    Continue with trying to be more minimalist- the past few months i've implemented an only buy things to replace stuff rule and been trying to get rid of much stuff as I can, so carrying on with my less stuff is less stress motto

    Good luck!
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    Budget progress so far:
    This week has been a massively overbudget; i am normally quite the cheapskate but last saturday on a trip to manchester I decided after a year, I wanted to upgrade from an Iphone 5C so I traded it in and spent almost £300 on the Iphone SE. Something I hadnt planned to do, however so far i m not regretting my purchase. Otherwise, I have bought 2 lunches out of 4 days at work this week, so I need to work on that but no other splurges.

    So my aim for this week, is to make all lunches at home and buy some drinks to take with me for work and to not spend anything unless it's using gift balances I have so that I can put at least £20 towards what I owe student finance at the end of the week.
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