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[Employment Law] SSP- Crippling small Business

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    This might be a few years old now and been around for 2 years but it is still relevant today when we talk about Employment Laws..


    When a worker is sick it is now the employers responsibility to pay the costs.

    So for example, I own a small business that employs 2 people and 1 unfortunately gets sick. They need to stay off work for a few months because they hurt their back playing football! This leaves me with just 1 member of staff, of course. It is busy so I now need to find a temp replacement.. it's now costing me more money and my business is suffering. Ohh no, my other member of staff is also now sick!! You get the picture!

    Also this: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/480...-living-abroad

    How hard is it to go to your doctors and pretend to have back problems.. the doctor without even admitting you to hospital can then write you a "fitnote" stating you need to take 4 weeks of work and in the mean time, once you can get an appointment (usually a few weeks later) recommend you to a physio session or give you physio advice.

    This system is a recipe for disaster right!

    And because they hurt my back playing football.. luckily they could claim compensation for this "injury".. due to the football company's insurance. Happy days!

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    Thanks for the bump

    On a serious note: Not many business owners on this forum maybe.. so I guess that is why. Ahh well

    (Original post by Iknowbest)
    This system is a recipe for disaster right!
    It is a tricky situation to resolve. There is loss on both sides. Imagine having kids and a mortgage to pay and then doing your back in to the point you couldn't work?

    There is a balance. If, on the one hand your business is so finely balanced that something like that will take you under, perhaps the business isn't viable? There is also the case that we end up in a situation that if workers rights start being seriously eroded, you lose their trust and good will and end up working to book.

    In my experience, companies tend to do very well out of employees. The odd unpaid hour worked late here and there. The odd expense not claimed. It works two ways. You look after your staff, in sickness and health and they will look after you.

    My mother-in-law is just about to start treatment for cancer. Her employer have given her leave with full pay and offered to pay for therapy treatments if required. The cost to them for that is but a fraction of the value she has bought to the business over the last few years. That is the goal.
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