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Am I screwed for life?

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    (Original post by GreenIceCream)
    Dude, I've been working since I was a child. I started waiting tables when I was 13. I've been working for myself since I was 18. I don't need to be told that life is not all fun and games or that jobs aren't particularly enjoyable for most people. I know it. That doesn't mean I'll stop trying to find a job that's interesting and that I'm good at. I may fail but so far, I've gone with the "a job is something you do to survive" attitude and it's demoralising and unhelpful.
    Well I'm only speaking of reality here. Consider the fact that the majority of the world are working menial jobs paying literal pittance in return with tough and horrible conditions. I implore you to go out to South East Asia or Africa and see how they roll there. There was no need to start getting angry, I was only trying to suggest not to stress yourself out about it because its not worth it. The "dream job" is a goal chased my many and reached by so few.

    (Original post by GreenIceCream)
    It's partly mine and I was working there before it became mine as a teenager, so yes.

    I'm not McDonald's but clearly I know how to make a profit.

    "Manage limited resources" sounds like there's a Zombie apocalypse and I'm called upon to prevent a famine. Yes I know how to handle shortages given enough time (nothing will be done at the last minute unless I call friends/acquaintances who work in nearby restaurants and they're nice enough to sell me drinks/buns/whatever. This works both ways which is why they do it.).

    Rent negotiations - rent has been stable since the 2008 fiasco. I know the owner pretty well.
    Council trading licenses - there are several licenses depending on what you sell (food, alcohol, etc). Again, nothing impressive here or worth talking about.
    Enviromental health inspectors - it's not exactly a business relationship. As long as you meet the standards and make sure the staff know what they are, you're good to go (experienced workers know them pretty well, especially the kitchen staff so never had a problem there)

    Again, not McDonald's, there are no other shareholders except me and my partner.

    Not sure what is there to know about most of those things (VAT? HMRC? what kind of skills does one need to pay taxes?). I don't do business forecasts, I'm not a business analyst (if I knew how well a business would go, I'd buy shares on the market, not run a ****ing diner). Some of those things like "audits" are outsourced to an accountant anyway.

    The point is that I've been working full time for 4 years for a business that has remained stagnant. It has been profitable depending on the year but I've not been particularly successful at it (no expansions, nothing particularly new going on since forever). In part because of my health and studies but also because I'm not passionate about it.

    I don't know how to convey those things without the hiring manager going "yeah, you're not particularly impressive, are ya?"
    Please stop the extreme humility, it doesn't help. You've achieved far more than most people will in their lifetimes by running a successful business and attending university at the same time. You are quite clearly qualified for most graduate jobs out there, you just have this small issue of not believing in yourself.

    You don't have to be McDonalds or ASDA to realise that you've gained valuable commercial skills.

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    Lol you think you're screwed for life- I'm predicted a B in one of my A Levels...
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Updated: July 9, 2016
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