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What is your favourite psychology study?

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    (Original post by Inexorably)
    If anyone mentions that stupid Bobo doll study which was an absolute joke of a study I will hunt you down.
    oh my god yes - the one study that somehow applies to every damn topic

    (Original post by dragonsonmars)
    I found the bio rhythm and sleep studies the most interesting, however they're the most ethically wrong ahah. Some of them are just weird. Like russell et al who gathered the armpit sweat of women and put it on other women's upper lips to get their periods to sync I forgot the researcher's name but they shook mice up to disturb bio rhythms, measuring whether it had worked or not, by measuring the rate of tumour growth.also the one where they suspended mice over a turntable to disrupt their sleep was pretty brutal - they all died because of it. morgan et al is also interesting - breeding hamsters with decreased sleep/wake cycle of 20 hours, then taking the SCN out of these hamsters and putting it in others, who then also got 20 hour sleep/wake cycle.
    glad i didn't do the sleep unit - thats pretty messed up

    The one where the dog that develops learned helplessness I think it shows that where there are obstacles everyone will eventually stop trying, without help or positive change you can't blame the dog or people for giving up

    RE: Everyone who quoted me about Bandura's Bobo Doll experiment.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmBqwWlJg8U >> This is the experiment, but to sum it up. They had an adult whack a 'bobo doll' and beat it etc. whilst a child observed, then they left the room and let the child do whatever they want to do the doll.

    The children all whacked the doll like the adults and thus they concluded that seeing/experiencing violence like that supposedly influences you to be violent.

    Why it's a load of horseshit and shouldn't even be taught ever:

    - Of course a child is going to copy a ****ing adult then spend several years of their life following and listening to parents and other adults.
    - The purpose of a bobo doll is TO BE HIT, whereas an average human being does not exist for that purpose.
    - There's no way of telling how violent these kids were beforehand so legit. this could have just been normal behaviour for them all.
    - It took place entirely inside a laboratory and has no real-world application whatsoever.

    So if you enjoy that study and find it to be of value I encourage you to greatly re-evaluate its non-existent usefulness.


    One of my favourite/most interesting studies is by Calogero and Pedrotty (2004). They argued for the use of exercise interventions involving psychoeducational components in the treatment of anorexia nervosa, with the rationale that given the socially acceptable nature of exercise, activity restriction may be unsustainable in the long-term management of anorexia, and that in order to change unhealthy exercise behaviour and establish long-term adaptive behaviours, exercise needs to be experienced in a healthier way.

    I find it an interesting once because it's such a 'controversial' type argument in this area, it goes contrary to most general beliefs about treatment for AN, and it gives some really encouraging support for practical implications. I like the studies like that which do really have those practical implications and applied psychology.

    Either something to do with context effects - so how encoding and retrieving information in the same environment; whether this be mood, the same room or even underwater as in the case of 'Godden & Baddeley'!

    Or because I absolutely love neuroscience; so studies on prosopagnosia (which is an ability to recognise previously familiar faces) are always interesting The occipital lobe is what we use for vision type things and Ramon et al. (2010) found that damage to someone's right inferior occipital lobe caused a deficit in this. It sounds science-y and it is a little bit but it's really interesting to know which parts of the brain do what ^_^

    (Original post by fefssdf)
    actually so true hahaha... just the same old methodological evaluation, ethics, population validity ect... gosh I'm gonna miss psychology A-level can just wing your way to a decent grade
    hahahahahaha, very true, despite I just completed that horrific a levels! They were nice papers though.
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