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Be friends or move on from her

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    Well where shall I start. I've liked this girl for two and half years . She really intelligent (3 a* in all subjects), fairly pretty and a lovely person . We were in the same history class from year 9 to 11 .I had tried to speak to her during that time but was shy but the end of year 11 give her a note admitting I liked her . She looked confused .Later in year 12. I heard and seen hints she liked me but one of her friends told he didn't want a relationship at that time. In year 13 I began saying hi to her but she always seemed shy like me , go figure. On Monday, we had our prom at first I was having fun and danced with her .Later one mine and her friends got drunk, asked her out while drunk, kissed and dance for the rest of prom. He then said to me sorry about it. Yesterday, asked him about if they were going he said he didn't remember prom (as he was drunk) and he suggested I asked her best friend if he and the girl I liked were going out. Also he said if she said no , I should ask her out on results day . I did her best friend said they are and there so cute together .However one of close friends who is also friends with her thinks her friends are lying about them going out .What should I do them do heartbroken . She is sixth girl to break my heart but I genuinely liked her . Should I talk to her on results before I go to uni, move from her or give up on girls for good?

    I think you should talk to her, but move on. if you don't talk to her you will always wonder what if. but you should move on, you don't want to be at uni still crushing on a girl in sixth form. if you guys are meant to be together the universe will find a way for you to be together.

    note: i maybe wouldn't tell her on results day, if her results are not what she wanted, it won't do you much favours. you could always just ask her to go for a drink or something after results day.....

    If you're hung up on her, then just talk to her on results day and see what happens

    Personally I'd say just move on, a new relationship with a girl just as you go into uni can be tough!
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    Update check here:

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Updated: July 16, 2016
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