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Ulrika's Summer Bucket list! 🌸🌊🌞

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    On the June 1st I've already made my summer bucket list!

    You can check it out on my personal blog ulrikavinciunaite.com where I also post a lot of my as fashion design student advises, fashion trends, inspirations and etc!

    And here's my summer bucket list:[list=1][*]Take a picture every day for a whole summer[*]Read at least 1 old library book[*]Find new music and create a summer playlist[*]Roadtrip with friends[*]Flight to a new country[*]Decorate your room with pictures of your friends[*]Film your best summer moments[*]Movie night outside house or in a drive-in[*]Write letters to friends who live in other cities and send postcards from wherever you travel[*]Watch sunrise and sunset[*]Sleep under the stars[*]Go for a walk in the midnight[*]Have a dinner outside[*]Have a picnic[*]Go boating/canoeing[*]Pick wildflowers[*]Make a flower crown[*]Plant garden[*]Learn some conversational phrases in a new language[*]Get a tattoo you’ve always wanted[*]Have lots of sleepovers[*]Swim in the ocean[*]Get a tan[*]Dance in the rain[*]Catch at least one summer concert[*]Visit a museum on a rainy day[*]Have breakfast in bed[*]Make your own ice cream[*]Make a cake for your friends[*]Write a journal[*]Make memories album[*]Wish on a shooting star[*]Swim during night[*]Make a dream catcher[*]Bonfire with friends[*]Meet new people[*]Have iced coffee[*]Dress awesome[*]One creative photoshoot every week[*]Do something impossible[*]DREAM, take risks!
    [/url]It’s my personal vacation plan but I hope to inspire you to do something amazing this summer!Love,
    Ulrika xx

    (Original post by ulrikah)
    Hey, your photography is great. Good luck with your bucket list!
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Updated: July 9, 2016
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