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Doing a degree in something you've never studied before.

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    Hello, basically I received very good A-levels in Psychology, Counselling and Biology so I could study nursing at university. However 6 months in I withdrew from my course as I decided that I no longer wanted to be a nurse. I am currently looking at several courses which I am interested in for next year but has anybody here ever gone to uni to study something they have never studied before and could let me know just how much of a disadvantage it is in terms of both gaining a place and doing the actual work? Obviously I would research the subject extensively in the months before the personal statement and interview of course, I'm not completely incompetent.

    Literately any answer would be much appreciated, much love Homeskillets lol


    There's going to be thousands of people who have never studied a course they are taking at university, simply because they've never had an option to study it before. It's super easy to take a Maths A Level and go on to do Maths at University but how many colleges do you know that offer more obscure subjects, such as Japanese, or electronic engineering?

    Requirements vary by university. So while one may require you to have taken an obscure subject at A Level, another may just require X UCAS points, or Y relevant subject.

    Your application also isn't solely based on what you've been taught before, and universities will take into account an extended interest in something. In fact if you don't have an extended interest in the thing you want to study you've already set yourself up with a disadvantage.

    Good grades in multiple subjects at A level demonstrate your ability to do the work and you'll be able to articulate in your personal statement why you might not have taken relevant subjects at the time, explaining your change of plans and so on. You're then also able to back yourself up with personal interests outside college.

    It will naturally put you at a disadvantage over someone who has been invested in that type of course for a while but it doesn't immediately discount you from getting a place, providing you're still able to meet the general entry requirements.
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    Thank you Acsel for your comment, so much appreciated.
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Updated: July 8, 2016
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