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Girlfriend of black man shot by police: "All Lives Matter".

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    oh yes. And I forgot to mention that the increased police presence in the black areas is due to the "War on Drugs" agenda, that was admittedly initiated to target black people and liberals. So even when you use it as some sort of explanation for state violence against blacks, it still has racist origins.

    (Original post by KingBradly)
    Black people are around twice as likely to be killed by police, but when you account for their higher crime rate, it pretty much evens out. The only reason we think the police target blacks particularly is because this is the narrative the media is trying to create. Far, far more whites are killed by police so they could easily fill the news with stories about those deaths.

    Of course these are only statistics, I don't what it's like down on the ground. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a problem with racism towards blacks in some police forces. But nonetheless, the problem here is really about police brutality. The Dallas police shootings seemed fairly inevitable to me. That's what happens when you have a ruling authoritative force that acts like a self-serving gang, people will rebel, and they'll rebel the more they get attacked.

    Clearly the answer is to heighten gun control to the point where only high ranking officers need to wear guns to protect themselves. American society has a kind of hysterical gun culture, which breeds fear, tension and a tendency towards being trigger happy. That's what needs to be addressed.
    Misleading post is misleading.

    Far more whites are killed because US is a majority white country.

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    (Original post by Craig1998)
    And it's all about the proportion of black people being killed compared to how many there are, especially given the fact that the police officers who kill/are violent towards black people are white.
    Keep in mind more than a third of violent felonies and more than half of murders and robberies in the US are committed by blacks. Also, most police officers killing blacks will be white because, surprise, most police officers are white.

    (Original post by Craig1998)
    It's more of a case by case scenario as to why they were with police, but it tends to be that black people don't have any weapons/drugs which would require an arrest.
    Concerning people killed, about one third of unarmed citizens shot and killed last year (n=111) were black. This is a very small sample size, however. While some of these individuals may not have been committing crimes, the crime rate for blacks (and also where they live) is still pertinent when considering the probability of police encounters.
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Updated: July 11, 2016
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