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"You are not eligible.."

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    Ok, sooo...

    I applied by mail, because I couldn't find my course online. Actually, I couldn't find any course, since I thought maybe the problem is because of mine and tried to look up other generic ones.

    Then, I receive my supporting documents back, which is okay.

    Then, I find online that I'm not eligible, since my course is not. It's a 180 Credit, part-time MSc Human Resources course at King's College London. I can see online that SFE's initial requirements for part-time students to complete at least 50% of their course in year one has been removed. I don't know what the problem is and the letter only says "the course you're studying is not considered eligible for Postgraduate Loan funding". WHY??

    Then I get to my account and click on the "View application summary" link hoping for more information. It leads me to the initial page of an application, where you agree on the details of the postgraduate loan you're applying for (??). Then I get to an "error" page asking me to inform SFE that I'm seeing this.

    I then try to start a new application, since I have not declined all my offers. It then says that I already have an application, so I can't proceed. I can't even change my course or add (or get..) additional information.

    I now want to know the reasons why my course is not eligible. I've sent an email to Kings and I will phone them on Monday. The thing is that I've already paid a non-refundable deposit of £1,000 to keep my place and I just want to know whether I can get the loan if I change to a full-time mode or it seems... I won't be studying at all.
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    Update: Another friend has not yet sent his application. He started a new application and tried searching for my course - now he can find it from the list for eligible course from SFE? What is the problem then?

    Hi chipzee

    I would advise you to call us if the course is now listed as available so we can review the application: 0300 100 0031

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    Update: For any of you people experiencing the same.

    It can be fixed!

    After quite a long time of back and forth with both SFE and my university, finally they communicated between each other. It seems that sometimes courses are not "opened" by the university for students to get loans for them. In this case, the uni and SFE both were seeing different things, the system was showing the SFE staff that the course is not open, and the uni staff that it is. Mistakes happen, and it was fixed (thank God!)

    Also, some courses weren't on the system at first, so that might take a while. But it's all new, so we can expect it to be a but confusing for everybody.

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Updated: September 13, 2016
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