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How does being concerned about spread of Islam in the West make someone far-right?

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    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    You seem to be the smearing, even if implicitly. The debate has not been corrupted, they have not prevented meaningful dialogue. Such dialogue may continue irrespective of far-right insanity.

    To bring the BNP and neo-Nazis into the debate is, I'm sorry, dishonest in the context of the points I were making, which you chose not to rebut but instead assert that no-one may make any such criticisms because, apparently, the far-right ruined it and that's the end of that.

    There seems to be an intellectually dishonest position spreading through the soft and hard left that because the far-right criticises Islam, it is therefore the duty of left-wing people to defend Islam and thus oppose the far-right, irrespective of the actual merit of the debate at hand. This is a mindset that is to be opposed and called out by all right-thinking, sensible people
    The fact that, at the sight of those images and without reading what I actually wrote, you described me as 'dishonest', 'obnoxious' and 'utterly pathetic' proves my point.

    I did not say that 'no one may make criticisms'. It would have been very odd for me to say that seeing as I've criticised Islam in this thread myself. I said 'this debate is difficult to have'. That's not 'intellectually dishonest'. That's the truth. In the same way that it's difficult to debate eugenics because of the Nazis.
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Updated: August 3, 2016
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