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At what age did you stop thinking alcohol taste disgusting!

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    (Original post by TorpidPhil)
    Alright, I'll note them and give 'em a try at some point.
    It all comes down to personal tastes. You might think rum is absolutely foul even when mixed with coke, but whiskey with coke will taste as different to rum and coke as vodka and coke tastes different to both of them.

    It's all about finding what works for you, but if you've got a sweet tooth then spirits + coke/soda of your choosing would be the way to go.

    Funnily enough, it roughly coincided with my 18th birthday. I only drink beer and vodka though.

    (Original post by Final Fantasy)
    Lager is disgusting, much prefer exploring all the range of ales and occasional stout wherever I go. But cider tops the list, always loved it (not the crap you see advertised on TV) and love exploring the variety across the country. Occasional gin, bourbon, scotch and single malts etc. but they get expensive very quickly. Same with absinthe. Not really a fan of vodka and rum, unless it's so chilled or in a cocktail/flavoured that I can't tell anyway.
    I'd like to drink more "proper" cider (not Strongbow or anything of that ilk, I'm not 15 any more). The good scrumpy stuff. Have you got any recommendations?

    My mates' dad owned a pub way back when, and he sold a decent scrumpy from the tap. He had to limit customers to 3 pints per visit though, because it gave off a real legless drunk effect; there was a guy sitting at the bar and he'd finished up a couple of pints of this stuff, and by all accounts he was completely with it... until he stood up to go to the john and promptly fell over because his legs didn't feel like working :lol:

    my parents (from time to time of course) gave me a sip of beer or cider and i always found it foul until i was 15 and i went to poland to see my 27 year old brother, then i found cider delicious, i only drink cider to this day though in terms of alcoholic drinks, everything else is too bitter.... then again, im turning 17 in less than a week so i pretty much never have cider anyway, but when i do its nice

    never really thought it was??
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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