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University Applications and Mental Problems

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    Hello everyone, I have a question and I wanted to know what everyone thinks about this.

    I have several mental health problems, including Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and an Eating Disorder. I know that in university applications, they usually ask whether you've had any mental health problems like such. Considering I've always gotten good grades and will have a strong application, do you think mentioning my problems will decrease my chances of getting an offer? If so, should I chose to keep that information private, so that I don't risk getting refused a place because of it?

    Thank you!

    It's illegal for admissions people to refuse you an offer because of your mental health difficulties.

    You don't write it in your personal statement, you put it in the box about disabilities which (if I'm remembering correctly) they don't have access to until after they've given you an offer to ensure they'll be impartial

    You should declare a disability on your application form so that you're actually protected by the equality act designed to stop discrimination - this is true for jobs too. (Which you can do just by ticking, yes I have a mental health disability).

    There's nothing wrong with having mental health difficulties. Universities usually just want to know how to help you succeed

    It's illegal for universities to discriminate at the end of the day they're a business as such and they need money so they'll accept anyone who's got the required grades in regardless of mental health problems etc. They won't reject you because of it, they just want to provide support throughout your studies to ensure you achieve your potential.

    I've got mental health problems, mobility issues and other serious health problems and I applied to do mental health nursing and I got 4/5 offers with no problems whatsoever, all what they'd do is ask for details about: when it started, how long it lasted/currently lasting and what treatment was/is required (counselling, medication etc.) Please disclose it when they ask, it'll benefit you I promise...

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    They ask for stats purposes.

    It won't affect you being offered a place - student support may get in contact with you to offer support if needed but mostly it's just for their statistics*
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Updated: July 11, 2016
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