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SOS English Lit dissertation help

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    I'm a 3rd year and I have about 2 weeks to finish my dissertation. Before you blame me for being a slacker, let me say that throughout the year too many bad situations happened, I was hospitalised repeatedly and I managed to get an extension until the 5th of August (I could apply for more, but then I wouldn't be graduating with everyone else and I've already been accepted to my Masters).
    However as I've only attended one dissertation meeting, I barely know what to do.
    I'm investigating crime and morality in East Lynne, Lady Audley's Secret and Tess of the D'Urbervilles and I have a few questions and ANY answers would be extremely appreciated.
    1. About how many references/ sources should an English Lit dissertation have?
    2. Apart from the fact that it's obviously much longer, are there any differences in the dissertation and the essays? I'm asking cause I tend to get high 2.1s in my essays so I'm wondering if I can just approach it by developing a thesis, have just a few sources and then basically write 3 essays where I constantly go back to my thesis etc.
    3. Should a conversation about the texts' context take place in the introduction or at the beginning of each chapter?
    4. How specific should my thesis statement be? Can I have one for each text if they're all focusing on back to the same point but in different ways?

    First of all, It is better to talk with your prof just to specify some of those issues. As well, in case you've got some lack of time you can try to ask specialists to 'help' you. I had almost the same situation before. 'Cause as I'm working I haven't enough of time to combine it correctly. So sometimes I order written assignments online. I've used dozens of online services, believe me, one that had pretty good reviews was Supreme Essay.
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Updated: July 11, 2016
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