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Saying"white lives matter" to counter "black lives matter" is ridiculous..

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    (Original post by Yung.fro)
    Before I start I'd like to say that I myself am black so don't even try to accuse me of being racist.
    I thought the white lives matter movement is based on the idea black people can be racist :holmes:

    I don't know you or what you think (I didn't even read your post) but it entirely possible for members of an oppressed group to join the side of and/or help facilitate the oppression of the group they belong to. Even if that just means denying there is any oppression.

    (Original post by Observatory)
    Yes I did: almost all of this violence is black-on-black motivated by black South Africans not wanting to have to share welfare payments extracted from whites and South Asians. If Somalis and Ethiopians move in, everyone's cheque has to get smaller, because only the whites and South Asians produce any significant economic value in South Africa.
    As an ex pupil of OBSERVATORY HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS...LITTLE MOWBRAY...Now re named RHODES HIGH SCHOOL it is interesting you have pointed out the present economic conditions in SOUTH AFRICA...I have been out of SA for over 26 years, and as far as I can see, it has been on a downward spiral since 1994...It is all very well singing SICOLESI AFRICA, but when I was a boy, we raised the UNION FLAG every morning, and sang with gusto DIE STEM both in ENGLISH and AFRIKAANS...

    (Original post by Radmanistan)
    1. White people have as much right to shout White lives matter if their people are being killed in even greater numbers by police.

    2. BLM doesn't really care about Black people or else it's foremost goal would be to end Black-On-Black violence in the ghetto, create a wealthy Black economy and generally improve relations between Black men and Black women rather than focusing on an outside enemy which largely doesn't exist.
    Largely doesn't exist??

    Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin; this is just a list of people off the top of my head, not including the ones over the past few weeks or the ones who don't make international headlines. There were 100+ black people killed by police in 2015. Yet this enemy "doesn't exist"? 🤔

    Creating a wealthy black economy - well, you make it seem simpler than it is. To do that you need black people in well paid jobs. They need a good education first and foremost. But most blacks people in the US live in "ghettos". And schools there aren't funded by the government like over here, they're funded by the district. So black people living in poor districts get worse schools. White people in rich districts get better schools. Black people often can't afford private schools, and white people don't need them because their schools are better off anyway.

    Please don't act as though black people are simply too lazy to solve their own problems.

    It is particularly ridiculous, if you bother to do any research, rather than just parrot the racist line, and find out that almost exactly TWICE as many white ppl are shot by cops [for whatever reason] than are black ppl. I don't know why that is, but it's a true statistic, and has been for several years. Cheers.
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