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Vote for Andrea Leadsom!

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    ahahahahaha she quit

    leadsom just gave up ......

    only time i was saw or even heard of Andrea Leadsom was in the EU debates and even with boris speaking, she was a horrible speaker and debater, got so many things wrongs, or better said lied a lot. she has no character, not even a likeable person, and her policies are all over the place and no one even know what they are. Got thing she quit,since she would have been horrible. May isnt great, but shes was better than leadsom, now i know have americans feel over trump and hillary, which is the better evil, do you go with the devil you know, may, or the devil you dont. Either way, how can they be the best the conservatives have ?

    I guess labour has a stronger chance of winning now, since the conservatives have been fighting since they got into power, this term.

    (Original post by L i b)
    No surprise there. The Better Together campaign in Scotland had a similar effect, largely staffed and backed by the moderates from the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems.
    The risk is that the UK "Establishment Party" will follow its sister in Scotland moving from close to 100% of the vote to less than 50%. These people don't just get on with each other better than they get on with the fringes of their own parties, they get on with each other better than they get on with the electorate. Here be dragons.

    (Original post by Davij038)
    I sincerely hope that Andrea leadsom and Corbyn are the respective leaders of the Tories and Labour. Then 'moderate' MPs unite to form a new pro EU social democratic party with the lib dems.

    Three years of a hopeless Corbyn and a nutty Leadsom should give them a handsome majority in the future.
    the Conservative Party can now look forward to many years of stable if uncharismatic leadership in Government from Mrs May.


    'Tis a sad day, a sad, sad day.

    (Original post by Fenice)
    In the days when opinion polls got it right this is the polling between 1979 and 1983. I appreciate the economy improved in 1982/3 but it was the Falklands Factor which gave the Conservatives a massive poll boost but also killed off the SDP rise.


    The SDP/Liberal Alliance was still very close Labour in terms of votes in the 1983 General Election.

    The subsequent rivalry between Owen and Steel and the clear impossibility of working with Owen's ego meant no further MPs defected to the SDP after Foot's protegy Kinnock became Labour leader. Kinnock subsequently moved to the right but he was seen as the mainstream left wing candidate in the 1983 leadership election. The SDP exepcted to pick up disgruntled Hattersley supporters but it never happened.
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Updated: July 11, 2016
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