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16 Year old - How can I find work experience/volunteering that's medical related?

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    Hey, I'm 16 years old and I'm looking to study medicine in the future, getting the grades isn't much of a worry at the moment but my main problem is I have no work experience which I have been told is a MUST if you're looking to study medicine. I'm also fairly shy when it comes to visiting places asking for work experience. Where can I start looking for work experience? Is volunteering just as good?

    Depends where you volunteer but in most cases no. You should have both

    My sister got in to study medicine last year and has work exp at GP, hospital and volunteer at crèche and care home. She also had 2 jobs I believe.

    I managed to get some GP work experience in October at 15- you just need to pester them and apply everywhere.

    My friend got into medicine for next year, she only volunteered at a hospital for a year, so I don't see why not

    Volunteering can be just as good, since many medical schools understand how difficult it can be to get work experience in a hospital. I'd say approach a care home or hospice first and foremost, but also ask your parents and any friends if they know anyone that can set you up with work experience. Try sending a lot of e-mails to doctors asking (politely) for work experience, and you may find someone who will agree to it.

    If you're really struggling, try get a part-time job or at least volunteer at a charity shop. Even though they aren't directly related to medicine, they can be very valuable experiences in terms of communicating with the public, etc.

    You can apply to volunteer with the NHS and get a placement in a hospital. It's competitive though so it may take a while.
    Edit: You can also get a part time job in a care home as something for example an assistant.

    Try the British Red Cross

    You can volunteer as an event first aider and it's lots of fun and very interesting!

    5 week advanced first aid course you must pass and then regular continuation training (although the qualification is only valid within the red cross)

    You get to learn about Cpr, Anatomy, Safeguarding, Confidentiality, Patient documentation, Dressings, Medical conditions etc... its Paramedic based of corse but its really good experience for anyone who wants to go into a health career. And of corse you get patient contact from children to the elderly... the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

    It added to my own success of getting a career in Health and I would still do it if I had the time
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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