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Madgiddypig's Summer Bucket List!

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    Hey! I was lucky to come across this challenge as I needed something to do over Summer and now I have so many plans! xD

    Done ~ In Progress ~ Not Even Started

    1. Meet up with friends
    2. Write a short story
    3. Draw 25 pictures in my dictionary
    4. Read 5 books
    5. Watch a whole series
    6. Make a meal for someone
    7. Give a stranger a gift, like a flower
    8. Have a day out with my Sister
    9. Spend time with my Grandparents
    10. Lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle
    11. Make ice cream
    12. Spend a week in Scotland
    13. Send a message in a bottle
    14. Tie dye a t-shirt
    15. Make some "pet rocks"
    16. Learn a magic trick
    17. Knit a teddy bear
    18. Collect shells and stones off a beach
    19. Sleep out in the garden
    20. Learn a song on piano
    21. Learn Czech
    22. Visit a castle
    23. Walk somewhere beautiful
    24. Have a picnic
    25. Beat my Granddad at a game of chess

    My list is mostly things I've missed from before exams, seen as I haven't had time for a lot of them. I'm looking forward to completing this one


    Oh, and feel free to check out my blog which I set up specifically for Summer I've set it as my homepage on my profile

    Done: Meeting up with friends
    Yesterday, I met up with 3 of my friends in Southport. It was nice to see them all and I think being surrounded by your favourite people is the best way to spend your time. Below is a picture of all of us,even if we had to battle the wind xD
    Attachment 564668564664

    Done: Spend a week in Scotland
    I am back from a week in the beautiful Scotland! We've been every year, starting off as kind of a sanctuary and becoming a peaceful place for us. It's great to be able to spend time with my Mum now that she works a heck of a lot, and it really is just a beautiful place to be. Maybe one day I will live there, when I'm older...

    Anyway, I made a video on YouTube of my time in Scotland. If you want to check it out, the link's here:

    Another one down!

    Done: Walk somewhere beautiful
    This one got completed whilst I was in Scotland. I did this in Portpatrick, walking towards Dunskey Castle (spelling may be incorrect). The views were absolutely amazing and I would have spent all day there if I could. Below are a few photos.

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