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The personalities of your siblings/ and if there more like mum or dad

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    I have 2 sisters (a baby bro but i wont add him lol)

    My older sister:
    Like mum and dad.
    Shes kind and caring like dad, but a leader and courageous like mum.
    Shes courageous, kind, feminine, half-bossy, bold, brave

    Younger sister:
    DEFINALTY more like mum!!!
    Shes soo bossy!! Mum has told us storys of when she was younger and she was very bossy. As sis grew we knew she had mums genes!! Shes awfully kind to her family(us)!! I think she is kinder than me and my sis put together too our fam!! But at school shes so down to earth and bossy, for example. One day there was some writing project and the class was split into two groups and she said she was going to be the head then another girl said she wanted to be and she said something like "oh your absolutey awful at english" "theres no way you can be it", and its not like it wasnt true bcz it was!! She was second bottom in her class! The girl started crying, when she came home she told me the story and i gave her a ticking off alright!! Then she started crying and the nxt day said sorry and made up with her, but she still didnt give up her spot on head!! Lol, to be truthfull i like her the most. She so defined and reserved, a true family girl. Although being bossy isn't a bad thing, you have to use it right. We know this was how this was born and we cant change her charcateristics but we will try and alter it a bit so shes not so sharp!!
    u can tell that i love this sis loads lol

    and if *they're* more like *your* mum or dad
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    (Original post by Playmaker#10)
    and if *they're* more like *your* mum or dad
    thxs lol. My little sister ought to tell me im awful at english!!!

    My twin brother is very much like my mum. Very practical, clever, kind, same silly sense of humour.

    Unfortunately, I'm more like my dad who buggered off 7 years ago. I'm impulsive and get angry quickly (although unlike him, I bottle it up and never show it).

    All 7 of my kids are more like me, mainly because my oldest was 12 when I got divorced and my youngest was six months old. They have my characteristics - no nonsense types and like me don't suffer fools gladly, and like me they would do anything for anyone. Oldest is now 44.

    My sister isn't like either of my parents.
    My baby brother is like me

    My sister is like my mum, very loud
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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