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What's your ideal final job and income?

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    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    When considering future earnings it's worth thinking about what kind of jobs will be subject to increased automation as technology improves, and what could be outsourced overseas which will drive down wages.

    Some of the financial services jobs might come in this category especially regarding outsourcing when trade deals are in place with countries like India that open up markets: Indian financial service firms will be more easily able to compete for UK contracts which should lower the cost by driving down fees from UK firms that are forced to compete with them. Which will be cheaper for businesses generally but may mean that some of the UK salaries have to come down to be more in line with the Indian ones.
    I'm pretty sure international firms are already in India with their own dedicated teams that have a fee rate of whatever the local market can bear and compensation models of whatever the market can bear. Here in the UK we mostly deal with countries in Europe, the middle east (i.e. both very wealthy ecomomies) and Africa (same principle re:India). It's doubtful that firms will change this structure any time soon.

    Although automation of some products and roles is a reality everywhere.

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    i want to work in a panda and/or sloth sanctuary
    realistically a manager

    A nurse and have about £100k a year

    (Original post by Demi27022000)
    A nurse and have about £100k a year

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    MP or hopefully PM (unlikely)

    I want to create my own boutique advertising agency. After a few decades I want to expand and grow into a multinational giant. And finally, I want to die in a toilet in Las Vegas (not really but that would be a mildly cool, Elvis-style death).

    Income or net worth: sky's the limit. I don't much care how much I will earn or what I'd be worth if I get to own and manage my own ad agency (successfully ofc). Clearly, If I'm successful, I'd be earning big £. But that's not really the goal, the goal is to create awesome ad campaigns and participate in the culture as a producer, not just a consumer.

    (Original post by Princepieman)
    If everything fell into place for you in the future, when you're nearing retirement, what would you say would be your ideal job level/title and total income at that point?

    What about net worth?
    What about you?
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    (Original post by LPauling)
    What about you?
    I said a while back:

    Managing director in investment banking covering technology or technology, media and telecommunications companies - these guys usually pull in high six figures to seven figures


    Partner in technology focused private equity investing firm - usually seven figures (or more) when taking into account investment returns


    Founder and CEO/CSO of my own technology startup, which hopefully grows into a larger company - salary doesn't matter as long as I get to own a sizeable share of the company

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Updated: July 13, 2016
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