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Who do I choose? Help!!

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    **Anon because one of the people I'm going to refer to uses TSR.**

    Hey, a bit of background context before I explain; I'm 21, gay, only came out the closet a few months ago so I'm relatively new to the 'gay scene', and I've never been in a long term/serious relationship before.

    Now to the issue at hand; I went on a date with a guy last week and we hit it off really well, had loads in common, definitely an attraction and chemistry there. We both agreed that we wanted to go on a second date, but it's really unfortunate timing as he is going on a three week holiday, so I won't be able to see him again until August now.
    In the meantime, I got chatting to an old friend, and it turns out that he's recently come out as gay too. (Kinda funny, because when I was in the closet I used to fancy the pants off him but knew nothing would ever happen because he was 'straight'.) We started texting each other non-stop and we decided to meet up for a coffee today... safe to say, we hit it off. Realised we had loads in common, chemistry, attraction etc. Exactly the same as my first date!

    What do I do? I'ts been playing on my mind all afternoon, I really like them both, they're pretty different people, so it's difficult to compare them directly.
    I want to decide one or the other because I don't want to drag one of them on for the sake of it. I kinda wish I never even got chatting to my old friend now!

    What do I do!?!???!!!!!

    Maybe, talk to them both, I mean 1 date doesn't commit you to either of them, it might just be a time thing, I mean the second guy seems like you're more interested in as you said more about him. Personally though I can't really say much on the gay dating scene, but just go with who you think you like more, and if you're not sure wait before you make a decision, over time you might realise that one is more for you than the other.
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    Go on a 2nd date with date number 2 whilst date 1 is still on holiday and see if that helps you make a decision.

    Or, choose date number 1 out of courtesy, because you saw him first.
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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