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Surreptitious's Summer Bucket List!

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    Summer Bucket List
    Make rainbow cupcakes
    Get a tan
    Watch a sun rise/set
    Take a yoga class
    See a psychic
    Think about jobs
    Stay up for 24 hours
    Do something different with my hair
    Do 5 Pinterest crafts
    Dance in the rain
    Get a massage
    Go strawberry picking
    Make it count
    Play messy twister
    Go to that awesome party
    See him.
    Meet someone new
    Continue writing my play
    Less computer more outside
    Do something I’d never do
    Don’t sweat the small stuff
    Hangout with friends
    Go and see Monsters University
    Go to Starbucks
    Put soap in a public fountain
    Sketch something inspiringTie a message to balloons and let them go
    Find out how many balloons it takes to be lifted off the ground
    Write a letter to myself and open it in 5-10 years
    Eat breakfast outside
    Stud something
    Go to the gym
    Plan my birthday
    Glow paint fight
    Eat a cake without using my hands- Film it
    Say ‘yes’ to everything for a whole day
    Break a glow stick into a pot of bubbles and blow them
    No chocolate for a whole week
    Play chubby bunny
    Play flashlight tag
    44. Go to Nando’s
    Play spin the bottle.
    Go through old photos/arts
    Drunken gummy bears
    . Chinese fire drill?
    Make a summer CD
    Shout out ‘I DON’T CARE I LOVE IT’ in an obscure place.
    Make a candy pizza..
    Make one of the boys go to Boots, find the smallest sized condoms go up to the counter and ask if they have anything smaller.
    See a scary movie
    Watch White Chicks
    Try 5 Pinterest recipes
    Make melted crayon art
    Read the fault in our stars
    30Day squat challenge
    Underwater photography
    Randomly place sticky notes with happy faces & inspiring sayings on them
    Thigh gap in a week
    Get tickets to a concert
    Find a tap dance class for beginners
    Mentos in coke

    This list is awesome! You have so much to do, I'm looking forward to see your updates
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Updated: July 10, 2016
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