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Why is life so unfair?

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    (Original post by Ciel.)
    Lol, don't it's pretty cute.
    Haha..thx...just like me then..lol..jk..jk...

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    (Original post by KatieBlogger)
    Natural selection/survival of the 'fittest' is a Biological process and it is concerned physical fitness. How many fat people (who subsequently probably have CHD, Type 2 Diabetes, joint problems etc etc) are doing well for themselves? Quite a lot!

    Nothing to do with natural selection and everything to do with opportunity, education, support and.....luck!

    Life isn't fair because hard work and morals does not = success. Look at people born into wealth/royalty who never had to lift a finger. Look at dictators with no morals. Look at hard working good people who can barely afford rent and food. Life isn't fair because there are no intrinsic laws of the universe that ensure that good people are rewarded and bad people are punished. It's all random. Don't take it personally - the failure or the success.
    Wow. Nicely said. It just goes to show it is a dog eat dog world though but not one that relies on natural selection. Those nice dogs just get put at the bottom of the pile. And you can only try your best in life but what if your best is not good enough? Then you are going to fail in life. That's the honest and brutal truth

    Because every side of everything is not of equal measure

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    Toughen up. You need to become like a robot and see things with cold precision rather than emotion. Be rational rather than emotional. Lol
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Updated: July 13, 2016
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