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*Eve's summer goals*

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    Heyaa. I am an 18 year old who just finished year 13. Woo! I shall be taking a gap year to hopefully work as a financial analyst (given I pass the interview 😄). Otherwise, this is my FIRST EVER TIME POSTING A THREAD on the student room! Woo!
    Anyways let's go to the bucket list 🤗

    *Summer 2k16 goals*

    ☆Educational goals☆
    • create my first thread (DONE!)
    • learn to use the Student Room 😅 (I normally just read threads but I'd like to start getting involved in discussions)
    • reach level 14 on my 'learn Russian app' Memrise
    • learn some Python (why not?!)
    • watch MIT videos on Economics (Did you know you can 'become and undergraduate' before you even go to uni 😊 Thanks MIT!)
    • Read the following books:
    ~The Naked Trader
    ~The Intelligent Investor

    ...How boring do I sound. 🤔

    Next step! Career.

    • attend Insight days (I went to two already🙄)
    • Complete the interview with Big City Bright Future organisation and pleaseee God give me the internship 😢😳
    • If i get the internship i can pay for my holiday at the end of August (and show you my hotdog legs 😉)
    • Get the actual gap year work placement as a financial analyst. Again plss God! I need you!

    Has anyone ever heard of Affirmations? Well let me show you:

    • create my own affirmations on health🙄 and career
    • read them out loud in the mornings

    Speaking abouth health

    ☆Health and Fitness☆
    • complete a 21 day challenge where I do not eat any sugary food. Should be good right? 😓
    • drink 2l water a day! I keep forgetting to do that sometimes
    • i won't exactly say exercise 3x a week.. because i don't know where to start from.. Let's say: walk for 30mins 3x a week?! More realistic haha

    Next stop,

    • Spend at least one weekend with my baby sister... i tend to ignore her because i think i'm too busy. But family matters!!!
    • Read a book to my little sister
    • book mum a massage treatment!!

    • travel somewhere outside the UK
    • go to a party for once... i hardly go partying
    • drink coffee 😂😁 biggest pleasure of all times!

    Anyways. This is "Adam" & Eve's bucket list. Let's do this!! 😊
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    So i didn't have a great interview... I guess i didn't spend as much time preparing. And also i need to relax during interviews... I didn't get my internship.
    Next time.
    This goes of my summer list now. Next stop reading!! Woo
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    Educational goal in process! Reading with coffee in hand is the best thing ever! Haha

    aww this is noice, why dont you enter this competition?
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