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Should the UK follow the US's blocking of muslims entering?

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    (Original post by ByEeek)
    Rather than shrug off responsibility onto one group or other I would go further and attempt to answer the question "Why do people feel the desire to cause terror?"
    becuase theyre terrorists
    (Original post by ByEeek)
    What have we done to deserve it?
    (Original post by ByEeek)
    We react to terror incidents but maybe acts of terror are a reaction in themselves?
    Not really, acts of terrorism are driven by one-eyed narrow ideologies, such as islamism, by which morons such as this guy are told by slaughtering some unarmed civilian 'un-believers' the agenda of islamism will somehow be pushed up the ladder of world importance. They are thick and gullible enough to swallow this horse ****. Whereas in the real world, no one cares about politcal agenda of islamists except a collection of muslims. and terrorism will ever achieve anything apart from worldwide distrust and aversion to islam

    (Original post by WBZ144)
    Next time someone tries to deny that hatred of Muslims is rampant on this forum, they would do well to look at this thread and several others like it.
    If you want a place where people do give comments a bit of thought before posting emotional stuff, and where discrimination and hate is not as rampant, I suggest finding another planet
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Updated: July 17, 2016
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