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Phone eating through data/how much do I need?

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    After having happily used a Samsung Galaxy S2 for the last 4.5 years I have just switched to a new phone, a OnePlus 2. I am using Vodafone Pay as you go and until about two years ago had one of their small value bundles (500 MB of data, unlimited SMS, 100 UK call minutes). Having mobile data enabled all day (but spending a lot of time in the WiFi at home or on campus) I usually comfortably stayed below the 500 MB limit. Now I got the same bundle again and in just three days have already churned through 180 MB of data, over a third of my allowance. And I have no idea why.

    Updates are set to only be done via WiFi, I do not stream music, download large files or watch videos online. All I do is read a couple of news articles online per day, visit maybe four or five websites, check Facebook and text via Telegram (similar to WhatsApp) and the Facebook Messenger. All of that I do a couple of times a day, not constantly. Naturally I also have some apps that require a small amount of background data to update (e.g. BBC News, weather or eMail).

    After I realised how much data I use I have now gone to disabling mobile data and only switching it on a couple of times a day for a couple of minutes to check messages or something online. Still my data use is well beyond my allowance. Looking at the apps individually the biggest culprits are the Google Play Store (despite disabling auto-updates), Chrome and Facebook. I have now disabled background data for the Play Store, but don't really know what to do about the rest.*In the past used to have mobile data on whenever I wasn't in a WiFi and managed with my allowance, now I massively exceed it every day even though I only switch it on for a couple of minutes at a time.

    So ... am I doing something wrong or has the data consumption of apps increased drastically in the last two years and I need a different data bundle? The problem is that if I want to use my smartphone like every normal person does (with mobile data enabled every time I'm not in a WiFi and moderate use), extrapolating from my current data consumption despite limited activity I feel that 1 GB, or even 2 GB won't be enough. Do I really have to fork out something like £30 a month for my phone now?! *

    4G kills data! Also don't stream videos ever on data, you will burn through the lot of it.

    Most people can survive on 1 gb of 4G data, you can even survive on 500 mb of data if you only use the phone for the essentials.

    Switch to BT mobile! If you are a BT customer, you can get 500mb of 4G, unlimited texts and 200 minutes for £5 a month.

    I have to agree! I use to have 500mb aswell in my old contract and I'd have a lot left over because like you I only used it to text etc. I then purchased my current new sim only contract (500mb too) but I seem to be running out within 2 weeks. I end up purchasing O2 bolt ons every week! This whole 4G thing is ****!
    As you say you've already restricted background data, your only option is to upgrade your data allowance.

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Updated: July 11, 2016
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