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What are your tips for the year below yours?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    I'm JustGeorgeJ, I run a small independent student blog on my personal experiences and journey through university and provide articles for across all years. This is a question i've been intrigued to ask - with the answers, I hope to form a small article entry.

    First Years/Freshers what are you tips for the year below you and those looking to start university or about to start their university career?

    Second Years what are your tips for the first years who are about to follow in your footsteps in a the first year that 'actually counts'?

    Third Years what are your tips for the second years who are stressing about the final year?

    What are the do's and don't's? What are the little things that helped you? Provide the year below with some advice!

    If possible I will be using these responses to write an article for my student blog - if you'd like yours to be used please state so and the same if you don't want yours mentioned - I will credit all those who want to be mentioned.

    Many thanks,

    (Original post by JustGeorgeJ)
    I've just finished a 4 year language degree and from my experience I'd say get involved in societies from day 1. They make uni life so much more interesting and are a perfect way of expanding your social circle-I honestly met some of my best friends in societies, which I wish I'd joined earlier

    I've just finished my second year doing Biology at Imperial.

    Academically, my advice would be to keep on top of note taking and to always do it as soon as possible. However, always prioritise doing coursework and start that as soon as you get it. When I had coursework to do I'd do that and then use the weekend to make my lecture notes, so by the start of the next week I didn't have to worry about being behind from the week before. If you've managed to pass the first year you can pass this year so try not to stress too much about the exams. Give yourself enough time to revise, but don't bother revising from the start of the year because no matter how much you say you will you know you won't and you'll just disappoint yourself! Everyone revises in a different way so find what works best for you.

    I think the most important part of this year is to enjoy it though. You've gotten through the first year (yay!), you've settled in and found friends so you can really enjoy yourself without all of the first year worries. I was a little nervous this year because we were able to chose some options and I didn't know anyone in one of mine, but it turns out it was the best module I'd ever taken and I made so many new friends. So another bit of advice would be to keep on making new friends, you'll have your friends from the first year but there's no reason you can't make more! It's so much more enjoyable

    Also you'll either love or hate the people you're living with and you get the fun of dealing with landlords (assuming you aren't staying in halls again). Even if you're really great friends with someone if they are messy and get up late and you're organised and get up early it's probably best not to live together. Try to find people to live with who are similar to you and you should be fine. Just assume you won't get your deposit back

    Our first year counts for 11% of the degree so the second year isn't the first year that counts for us so my response may not be that relevant to people at others unis - but I'm perfectly happy for you to use any parts of this for your blog post!

    As a 1st year who has experienced being Fresher twixe at different unis, people do say join societies but be aware that not all societies are friendly. Some of them seem to be quite cliquey and often you need to be loud in order to be heard/noticed. I was on a Chocolate Society Committee and they tried to get it up and running but because they were so cliquey with existing members, the new members disbanded because of this. So I say, join some, but be weary that it's not all "you'll meet your best friends".

    I say try and get to know as much people as possible because if your friendship group is small and say you and someone in that friendship circle has an argument or 2 other people and so forth, it can get real awkward and murky. And you don't wanna surround yourself with that kind of mess. So having as much real friendships as possible is a good thing.

    Don't feel sad or left out if you see other people enjoying uni on your social media more than you. Often a lot just put it on their social media as an act. You maybe will meet your best friend during uni (I did), but if you don't - then so what? Uni is a 3 year experience. Don't expect things to happen straight away. But you do have to work at it though.

    Also, meet EVERYONE at Freshers including other freshers from your hall block or floor or whatever. If your flatmates are quiet shy or just not your cup of tea, then by meeting other hallmates at freshers you have not isolated yourself and you can rely on them if you wish to do things.

    If you wish not to drink and feel like missing out if you don't go on a night out, then do not be afraid to say to them "how about going for a hung-over lunch" or go the cinema on a Friday. Yes, most likely they'll be skint, but students still do these things anyway because students always run out of hung-over food and either eat out or order dominoes! Be the ringleader and take charge. At uni, it doesn't do any one any favours of being and staying quiet. You have to be, not loud but you gotta have some confidence to organise going out, inviting people to parties, creating study groups and stuff...

    Oh God, I can just go on and on and on...
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