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S5 Subject Choices!

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    Hi I'm moving from doing the IB in Switzerland to the SQA (Highers) in Scotland. I have an idea of which subjects I want to take since I would like to go into the food industry (catering, management, organizer..etc):
    - Higher English
    - National 5 Math
    - Higher Health and Food Technology
    - Hospitality (Only offer Nat 5)
    - Higher Classical Studies
    - Higher Art and Design

    These are the subjects I am considering but I don't know. Is Art difficult, I am not very good practically (painting and such) but good at analysis?What is needed for Food Tech?Am I doing too many Highers? Are Highers Difficult? Is classics hard?
    Any advice would be great

    Higher English will be difficult if you haven't done N5 English, as most of the work is basically an extension of N5. Higher Art and Design is mainly based on your portfolio, there is a written exam but it's only worth around 20%. You will have to spend a lot of time working on design projects and art pieces. I don't know about Classics as I've never studied it :/. Doing 4 Highers and 2 National 5s is difficult and time consuming, but if you're willing to put in the effort then you should be fine, it depends on your aptitude for the subjects

    Well I know people who have done art at both N5 and Higher, have been told it is very very time consuming, people often having to go up at lunch and after school to do work. Higher English is just an extension of N5, there's really not much of a difference. I'd look on the sqa website to see what the exam is like. If you are hardworking then N5 maths should be pretty easy. Classics is a very uncommon subject and I've not came across anyone on this website who has done it, if you like it then do it but if you want to work in the food industry then it might not be necessary. Also hospitality and health & food technology are apparently very similar, only difference is that health & food technology involves written work. Your school might not even let you do both, but I'm not sure, but if they do let you then I would do both since you want to work in the food industry. Hope this helps
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