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BREXIT: Opposition parties demand general election....

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    You actually amaze me, at first you slam the brexit campaign and the aftermath of uncertainty etc, and now you want a general election which would create even more uncertainty? Why?

    I don't think the OP realises that we now have fixed term parliaments.

    For there to be an election before the date fixed we need two thirds of MP's to agree.

    Who could say how (justly) terrified Labour MP's might vote if that were put to the Commons? They might not even obey a three line whip to have the election!

    But it is academic. Delightful though it would no doubt be to wipe Labour off the map, Theresa May has more important things to do.

    Sterling, the stock market, the economy can't bear the uncertainty that a general election would bring. During it of course, but far worse, suppose the result was inconclusive?

    We need a government with an absolute majority to resume control, restore stability, negotiate Brexit, and do so at some pace.

    That is the saving grace of our tried and tested parliamentary system. Compare how swiftly we change an administration, compared to other countries. In Belgium they failed to form a Government even after a year of trying. Even America takes weeks to transfer power from one leader p another. We do it in a matter of days.

    We should all pull behind Theresa May now. We won't of course, but should. She inherits a country in a more perilous condition even than Thatcher. Not since Churchill in 1940 has a PM faced a tougher task, a country in greater danger.

    We should wish her the best of luck. She is going to need it.
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    I wish her total failure.
    BREXIT: is BREXIT: and BREXIT: is shiiiiiiiit
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Updated: July 12, 2016
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