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(Antoher) Head boy speech- Any suggestions?

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    Good evening everyone,

    I've got to do a head boy speech in a few days- I'm not particularly great with public speaking but i'll try and handle that when it comes!
    So, I've been advised by past students that the best speeches were in the region of 2-3 minutes, any longer and they just lose the focus of the audience: being made up of about 100 pupils and a selection of teachers.
    I've been cobbling a speech together, I'm not exactly the person who publicly extols the virtues that I may have. Regardless, we all know each other in the sixth form and there are no particular tensions or rivalries that are present during this selection process, so we all have a feeling of respect for one another.

    So, here is the draft:
    "Good afternoon everyone,Now, why am I offering myself as a candidate for head boy?Two reasons:Firstly I believe that I have the necessary attributes inorder to carry out the required duties successfully. I believe that I am acalm, principled and determined individual, who loves democracy and innovation.I have had the privelege of serving on Barr’s house council over the past 5 to6 years, raising issues that matter to the individuals that I represent andputting forward their suggestions in order to improve their well-being in theschool.Secondly, I believe I should be elected for my ideas; I wantto improve the school by encouraging interaction between us here and theincoming year 12’s, I believe that this can be done by a variety of competitionswithin sixth form, organised via representatives from both years- in closecollaboration with pupils. Furthermore, we should also begin to develop adialogue between the sixth form and the lower years in the school: specificallythose who are considering their GCSE options, but of more relevance- those whoare considering their AS level options. I believe that collectively we canshare our experiences with them; providing an insight into what our experiencesof the subject has been like over the past year and discussing with them theactual course itself and what these subjects entail: information which we havebenefitted from and found valuable during our transition into year 12.The need for such communication will be all the morepertinent, as next year will be our final year in this school- presentingitself as one final opportunity to make a difference, help others and stayfocused on the journey ahead.”Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho' We arenot now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven; that which weare, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, butstrong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”Thank you"I would greatly appreciate any help or advice that you guys might be able to provide.Kind regards and thanks for reading,Sam
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Updated: July 11, 2016
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