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Guy is so unfriendly Im starting to think he actually likes me

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    I don't know if I'm being ridiculous but my former work colleague is so unfriendly I'm actually starting to think he likes me!!

    We worked together for 8 months and during that time he was really friendly. Always coming up to my desk and chatting to me, he commented on everything I did, went out of his way to be near me and was generally flirty. But I was the only woman under 30 there so I didn't take it too seriously. I guessed he was just bored at work. Maybe he thinks I took him the wrong way and now think he likes me because one thing I noticed is that after a few days he would never be alone with me. He has a girlfriend and I think people may have accused him of fancying me. He would happily spend time with literally every other colleague but me and he seemed genuinely scared to do so. If he was forced to spend time alone with me due to work commitments there would be so much awkwardness but he would ask more personal questions such as 'what age is your son, are you dating anyone at the moment, how long were you with your sons dad, is he still involved'. And if I asked him about his girlfriend he would explain that they argued quite a bit but are seeing how things go. He said he likes girls with red hair (which I have) and was jealous if I mentioned co workers I found attractive.

    I have never flirted back although I have complimented him.

    He is now a regular part of a group of friends we have in common. And its getting ridiculous. W3eve stopped working together and He now avoids being with me at all costs and has even got to the point of being a bit rude. He's really not a bad guy so this behaviour is out of character. He is doing absolutely everything that would suggest he's not interested and part of me says I'm ridiculous for thinking he does. But part of me wonders, could he be like this and still like me?

    He has such an extreme reaction to me. He seems nervous and awkward and like he would rather be anywhere but near me! He moves away from me where he can and makes a deliberate attempt to say girls around me are hot even if they're not particularly attractive.

    I wouldn't get the truth if I asked him outright so does anyone have any opinions on what could be going on here?

    Sounds like you're rather obsessed with this guy... are you sure it's not you who likes him?

    i think he likes you and he doesn't know how to handle it due to him already having a girlfriend.

    he hates you. you love him.
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    (Original post by Final Fantasy)
    Sounds like you're rather obsessed with this guy... are you sure it's not you who likes him?
    I don't actually like him in a romantic way but used to get on with him as a friend. This situation is on my mind a lot though. We meet up regularly and we have mutual friends and it's getting really annoyingly uncomfortable. It would be great if he could just relax around me so that I could get back to enjoying time out with my group of friends.
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Updated: July 11, 2016
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