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A little bit of a problem :/

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    Okay guys so currently I am overweight weighing in at 135kgs and I'm 15 yro... It isn't what it seems, You see, I've got a severe case of asthma and in order to keep my lungs functional I've got to take a specific type of medication called "Prednisone." With the pill comes greatly negative side effects that impact my life such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, eating more then usual, gaining a lot of weight under arms, thighs, cheeks, and many other things that aren't pleasant. So I was wondering if you guys could help me out with this problem, I am currently working on controlling my hunger and I'm be thankful if one of you guys can recommend some exercises or something that could help me get rid of my weight.

    Thanks, Yours Truly


    I kinda hate doing long bouts of cardio but I find it helps if you watch tv episode on your laptop or phone whilst doing it, its kinda cheating but it passes the time a lot quicker! Running might hurt your legs a feet a bit too much, but you could either start off with a cross trainer or just doing a fast walk for like 30 mins a day listening to music. I would aim to do some muscle workouts as well like setups or leg raises or lifting weights as building muscle burns a lot of calories as well. Once your stamina starts to increase you could move on to different types of cardio. If you can do them then star jumps burn loads of calories, I think roughly 200 will burn loads of calories and it only takes about 10 minutes. Just wear comfortable shoes and don't do them everyday because they can damage your feet if you do them too much.

    For eating I would make sure that you're not really hungry all the time but just fill up on foods that are really good for you, just find salads and vegetable dishes that you enjoy, replace fizzy/sugary drinks with water, try to eat fruit instead of sweets but not loads of fruit because it still contains a lot of sugar even though it is healthier. Egg whites are also really low in calories but high in protein! You could also try getting an app like myfitnesspal on which you enter the food you eat and it counts the calories and tells you how much you should be eating per day to lose weight at a steady rate.

    Sorry this is long but hope it helps!

    Prednisolone won't be helping you. I don't know what dose you're on, but part of your weight will be water weight and it also increases your appetite.

    Got to keep it simple, increase your exercise. You're asthmatic so you've got to take it easy, walking would be my recommendation. Just go out and try and increase by a little bit week by week and/ or do it a little faster

    Stop snacking, eat high protein foods and high fibre foods for satiation purposes.

    Preds suck, I've had them in the past. However, you can lose weight on them. Good luck
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Updated: July 13, 2016
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