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    Hey guys I'm struggling to pick between these options, as i currently have catered halls at nottingham but now I'm considering swapping for self catered halls and the one available is Raleigh park...

    in terms of cost the catered halls is £5400 and you get all your food cooked and lunch included but you have to move out your stuff during the easter/xmas holidays or you have to pay £5 a night which seems pretty expensive if you ask me...

    Self catered halls at raleigh park would cost £4400 so its a lot cheaper but then i have to cook my own meals and i won't be on campus so worry i will miss out on the hype of uni life ?

    has anyone lived in raleigh park/catered halls at nottingham uni cause I'm struggling to decide !

    If you live on Rayleigh park you won't miss out on the social side of uni as Rayleigh park is full of students and has its own community. Freshers events happens for people at Rayleigh park just like everywhere else. It might be a little less social in that you don't have meals with everyone else in your hall, but you'll still be sharing kitchen / bathroom facilities with others, and so you'll probably get to know your flatmates quite well. I lived at Broadgate Park in first year, which is very similar to Rayleigh. There was definitely a very social atmosphere and people got to know everyone living in their flat and those around them. So I don't think the social aspect is something you really need to worry about.

    What you do need to consider is whether you want to cook for yourself or not and also whether you're happy to walk from Rayleigh park to your lectures every day. Depending on what subject you're taking, this could be a bit further than if you live in catered halls. There is a free Hopper bus from Jubilee campus (near Rayleigh) to the main campus, but this is not always reliable and can be very busy. It does work out cheaper to go self-catered as you pay for the convenience of not cooking if you're catered, plus moving out at Christmas can be very frustrating.
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Updated: July 12, 2016
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