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Is this something I should write to my local MP about?

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    I've never written to an MP and I'm not sure if they are the appropriate person to approach about this issue, but either way, it has really annoyed me and I feel like I need to do something about it but I don't know who I need to contact?

    Basically, I live in a very populated area with practically no green space. The nearest park is a 30 min bus ride away. However, there is a 'field' which was created when a load of council homes were bulldozed about 5 years ago. At first it was covered in rubble and glass - a mess. Gradually it was cleaned and grass began to grow and the council even planted little trees on it and put permanent benches on it. I'm no botany expert but a couple of years ago, beautiful 'wild' flowers were growing in places on this field - in an orderly way as if they'd be cultivated on purpose. All in all, it looked a damn sight better and it was great to see young children using the space for sports/playing and locals exercising their dogs there.

    I went away and came back this week after 6 months. Last time it was looking okay - maintained. Today it's overgrown - you can barely see the benches. It's very tall grass - like the way wheat fields look - and I ventured into it (not too far) and it is covered in litter - crisp packets etc. It just looks horrendous and no one can use it now. The first thing bothering me is the lack of care for the space and letting it overgrow and the second thing is people throwing rubbish into it now. So one is directly the council's fault and the other is a social issue.

    Who do I contact about it? I tried googling the area which search terms about the field/green-space but nothing comes up. It's really bothering me because it's like the council/city doesn't care about how it looks or about how useful it was to local people.

    Something like this would normally be a council matter rather than an MP matter, so in theory you'd be better off contacting your local councillor. Your MP might be able to put some pressure on them though to sort it out, which may well be needed here (if they've neglected the park, what's the chances of them not neglecting their inbox?). So maybe drop an email to both and see what happens.

    I would recommend writing to the council about this first, look on your counties/local councils website and they should have a place you can contact them. If they don't reply or take too long, then you could write to your local MP, who will in turn, most likely pass it back to the council.
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Updated: July 12, 2016
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