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How can I pay for Uni when I have a mortgage to pay.

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    Can anyone help.

    At the age of 28 I have decided I would like to go to uni next year. However, I have a mortgage so no sure what the best route is to take. It would only be a part time course as I would still need to work to pay our mortgage.

    The Business course I was interested in was 4 years part time (Long I know). The fees are £600 per 20 credits. and there are 60 credits per year. That totals over £7000 for the course.

    Who can afford to pay this whilst running a home and a mortgage.

    As Im not familiar with the Uni experience can anyone offer some advice?

    Many Thank

    The Standard fee (per 20 credits) is £600. Most of our courses carry the standard fee of £600 per 20 credits. A few courses carry a non standard fee please check the list below to see if your course carries a non standard fee. A typical part-time course consists of three 20 credit modules totalling 60 credits per year. However some courses follow a different pattern and we advise you to contact your Faculty for clarification of credits studied in each year

    £7000 for a 4 year course? wow thats cheap considering im paying over 27k for my 3 year course..just speak to the uni about it and also student finance and they might help you..if worst comes to worst, downsize your home?

    Does the university allow you to spread payments out over the course of a year? If so that wouldn't be too bad - about £150 a month.

    Alternatively will your mortgage provider allow you to put your mortgage on interest only for 6-12 months so that you have less mortgage to pay each month?

    If you can't do either of those then I would suggest deferring the course until next year and save up as much as you can before starting.

    Part time students are entitled to apply for a tuition fee loan, as long as the course doesn't take any longer than 25% longer than a full time course. IE - 30 credits per year.
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Updated: July 13, 2016
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