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A bucket list from an ex-messiah

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    I'll probably forget this even exists but in the event that I don't I could get money, thus here I am.

    NEW: THERE'S A TL;DR POST ON THE FIRST PAGE (Among other things...)

    THE LIST (put in a spoiler 'cause it turned out to actually be a beast):

    -Acquire mama's lasagna recipe and learn how to cook it, as it's normally da bomb (aside from that once time she used too much white sauce and accidentally made a soup but I digress...)

    - Increase my steam profile's average game completion rate. It currently stands at 33%, which is better than a lot of my steam friends already but I must assert dominance.

    - Read the pile of unread books I've got, specifically: A Clockwork Orange, All the Light You Cannot See, The Qu'ran, Beyond Good and Evil, The Establishment: and How They Get Away with it (got a 2/5 from the Telegraph so hype is obviously unreal), and The Good Psychopath's guide to bossing your life (possibly the least intellectual title on the whole list)

    - Learn to drive. I have been 17 since September but haven't been bothered to even apply for the provisional. Oops.

    -Start attempting to improve my drawing skills. At present even my stickmen look terrible, but this lack of natural talent must be overcome so I can make my school notes marginally more entertaining, and draw diagrams I can actually read and understand.

    -Clear out the tat I don't want from my various cupboards and my bookshelf. Got something like 12 Clarkson books I never intend on reading as you realise they're all literally the same once you've read 3 of them, and I've also got a cupboard I haven't opened in 4 years so who knows what's living in there now.

    -Find some sort of regular sport-ish/fitness-ish activity to do once a week. I've looked at a few martial arts and stuff, they look cool. But my mum's job means I can get into a hotel pool for free so I might just utilise that instead idk. What with my diet being vastly improved in the past couple of months this should be the last step in no longer being a mess who can't go upstairs without feeling as though death is coming.

    -Do some mad EPQ prep, get ahead of the game because dat UCAS statement is gonna be desolate if I don't have that to throw on it, so it must be done to top notch standards.

    -My dad's had a guitar he bought from a charity shop for a fiver sat around for about a year now, so Imma figure out how to tune the damn thing and then see if I can figure out how to play the damn thing.

    -My dad wants to do a car boot sale to remove crap, so imma do that with him so I can take a cut. Half the stuff being sold will probably be mine anyway, sooo...

    -Sell unused crap that cannot be car booted from point 6 on ebay, gotta stockpile cash because jobs suck.

    -Figure out how to do different coloured text on this forum so as to mark other crap on this list as in progress or finished. COMPLETE YAASSS
    This turned out bigger than expected. I made it up on the fly, I was only certain of like 2 of these things before I started going for it.

    In an attempt to help speed along the learn to draw better goal, I will be accompanying each post about parts of my list with an MSPaint masterwork, so I can achieve my goals while I achieve my goals (yo dawg, I heard you liked goals...)

    If I don't totally forget about this in it's entirety like my ill fated grow your grades thread, posting on 'ere should be a good way to pass the time while I'm poopin', so thanks TSR for giving me that oppurtunity.

    So yeah, have fun totally ignoring this thread. Au revoir.

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    Alternate Bucket List:
    -Steel Bucket
    -Plastic Bucket
    -Wooden Bucket
    -There's a hole in my Bucket,
    -dear Liza, dear Liza

    Tbf I think you put a bit too much on your plate :P

    I was planning to draw to and downloaded an e book for it in April. I still haven't started lesson one.
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    (Original post by champ_mc99)
    Tbf I think you put a bit too much on your plate :P

    I was planning to draw to and downloaded an e book for it in April. I still haven't started lesson one.
    A loaded plate is good, I need the calories. At least half of this will get completed, Messiah Guarantee™

    Start lesson 1 fam, you feel good when you actually do stuff you've been semi-planning on but putting off. It's a small weight being removed from your mind, akin to the feeling of relief from taking a large poo.
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    Compulsory MSPaint masterpiece:

    As you can see, improvements needed on the art front... uhhh..

    (Original post by retired_messiah)
    last goal on the list completed boiiis #getwrekt *airhorns*

    compulsory mspaint masterpiece:

    as you can see, improvements needed on the art front... Uhhh..
    bootiful! :d
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    (Original post by flyingpanda)
    bootiful! :d
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    TL;DR of my list bcuz I know I hate reading:
    1. Learn to cook lasagne
    2. Increase Steam average game completion rate from 33% to something that isn't 33%
    3. Read a pile o' books
    4. Learn to drive
    5. Attempt to improve drawing skills
    6. Have a clear-out of useless rubbish
    7. Start doing some kinda regular exercise thang once weekly
    8. Mad prep 4 EPQ
    9. Tune and see if I can do something on wrekt charity shop guitar
    10. Car boot crap
    11. Sell the uncarbootable stuff on ebay
    12. Learn coloured text [NOW COMPLETE]

    -Somebody on another thread told me how the coloured text worked so now I have fell in love with them, obviously. So much so that I was blinded and have totally forgotten what their username was...alas.

    -I dug out my passport from whatever hole it was in so I have the identifications for the ol' provisional driving licence application, so I'll get that out of the way once I have a parent nearby to pay for it

    -Reading of a clockwork orange starts tonight, hype is real

    -I need a poo

    -I still suck at MSPaint masterpieces, but I shall see if I can create a stickman with more defined features. Could go either way, we'll see at the end...

    -EPQ is gonna be something on Islam but I've been told to narrow it down and I will be likely murdered by the senior management if I don't do it with impartiality. I'm thinking something on Shariah Law in the UK but I'll have to read around it a bit I guess... more goddamn books...

    -Look at this meme:

    I figured I'd give the bendy line tool a bash so the lines look less like somebody with Parkinson's drew them.

    Name:  Untitled2.png
Views: 22
Size:  3.6 KB
    Things I've learned from this drawing:
    -I cannot do a doodle thumb with a nail without it looking like some form of phallus
    -A normal sized hand on a stick person looks a bit odd
    -Bendy line tool is pretty good for MSPaint things, but learning to do stuff without it would be helpful as there is no bendy line tool for irl turd-art

    Art Gallery analysis:
    -This guy's head looks like a lemon, symbolising the sourness of the artist's thoughts as he goes through difficult times in his journey into adulthood. Or something....
    Valuation: £2000
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