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What movies have you watched recently?

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    I need...suggestions :sexface:I like movies that are somewhat humorous and have an interesting story or idea... another thing to note is that I will watch pretty much ANYTHING if the TV guide promises me 'sexual content', and if all I get is a one second clip of some boob bobbing around in the water or something, then I get really grouchy...In return for your help here are some good movies for you to watch, a lot of them are rather well known though so you might have already SEEN THEM...American Psycho (the axe murder scene made me laugh waaaaaaaaay too much)American BeautyOnce (I suspect not the only film called this, it's the one about the songwriter with the shaky camera)Little Miss SunshineHerLars and the Real Girl RE: Good movies, go!

    Me Before You(I cried twice)
    Finding Dory(so good)
    Legend Of Tarzan(Really good)
    The Angry Birds(Really Funny)

    I recently saw Galaxy Quest. A fantastic sci-fi spoof, mostly of Star Trek. Reading your criteria, I think I should point out there is some boob.

    CHAPPiE is also a good movie, not as good as the directors previous work in District 9 but I enjoyed it. Not really any boob in either though.

    In terms of animation, I would also vouch for Finding Dory, along with less appreciated but delightful animations like Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet.

    Now You See Me 2 .I dont like it

    Bad Neighbours 2 is kinda bad tbf
    Conjuring 2 is pretty funny at some parts (oddly enough)
    Finding Dory

    Check out The Talented Mr Ripley. It might be something you enjoy.
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Updated: July 20, 2016
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