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Struggling to find a job - Need advice

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    Im 21 years old. Ive not worked before except doing little foodbank volunteering which was 8 months ago. I study at university only.

    Ive been applying to so many jobs for the past few weeks but no luck. I think I have a good CV where I talk about my desire to provide assistance, follow store instructions, make a positive contribution, and help people, etc etc etc. However I have still had no response from employers. I dont have any work experience except foodbank volunteering.

    I havent worked in the past because I became lost and confused in life, and became absorbed in religious stuff where I became confused.

    Anyway, Ive applied to loads of jobs such as Tesco, Lidl, Asda, B and M, warehouse job, etc etc. But still no response.

    Can you please give me advice on what I need to do?

    I was thinking about getting a job instead of volunteering because I might need the money but Im having no luck.

    Please help. All advice is appreciated.
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    Please help

    (Original post by Brokeman)
    Anyway, Ive applied to loads of jobs such as Tesco, Lidl, Asda, B and M, warehouse job, etc etc. But still no response.

    Can you please give me advice on what I need to do?
    Just keep trying. Make sure your CV and cover letters are well written and well presented and tailored to the company and roles you are applying for, show that you know a little bit about each place and want to work there and fire off as many applications as you can.

    Eventually you will get a job if you do this, even if its because the company wants someone who can start straight away, has very few applicants or whatever. I applied for about 150 jobs before I got my first one and that happened because I joined a new team where they were overhiring and literally everybody who applied was hired initially for something or other. A lot got laid off before the end of the 3 month trial but I managed to hang in there and then move onto a better job because of that and so on.

    I am not sure if this will help you, I did not do a degree, I left school aged 16 and I got an apprenticeship and I became a demolition contractor ( someone who dismantling buildings), I am born in JUly 1986 so it is a little while since I did anything education wise, the reason why I left school aged 16 back in 2002 was because I did not get good enough gcse's to do A Levels, I was more hands on than academic, I never struggled finding work, I not sure if this what you want to do, but are you interested in taking up this job, I am not sure how practical it is as you now have a degree going into apprenticeship hope I helped
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Updated: July 12, 2016
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