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Working and studying

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    I am going to start studying in Newcastle this September on an undergraduate course and one of my goals is to become financially independent, therefore I have a question to more experienced students- do you think that it is possible to combine learning and working successfully?
    I am a foreign (EU) student and even though my English is on a good level, it would probably be an obstacle when looking for a job, as it is still not perfectly fluent. I can count on my parents' financial help, but at the beginning I would like to at least pay for my accommodation (100£ or 80£ per week) myself.
    Can anyone share their experience of working and studying together? Maybe some tips regarding looking for a job or starting an independent life?

    Hey fellow Newcastle student! You'll love it here, I'm just about to go into third year and it's been a great two years so far!

    It's totally possible to be financially independent - loads of students are. I'm almost completely financially independent now (parents send me money weekly but if they stopped I'd still be absolutely fine). I work seasonally at a local supermarket in my hometown. This means that during Uni holidays I can work as much as I'd like, and then live off that money when I'm back at Uni. In the last tax year I made over £7,000 so there's certainly enough time in the holidays to earn if you're willing to work the hours.

    Because it's completely done in holidays, it has little impact on my studying. Whilst there's been times where it's got in the way, with pieces of coursework set over the holiday having to be completed alongside working full-time, I've always managed and have done very well so far. However as I enter my final year, I'm going to not work Christmas and Easter so I can instead focus exclusively on my studies and be able to use that time to catch up on concepts I didn't fully grasp the first time round.

    I'd recommend applying to retail jobs but don't mention your University plans - they'll be reluctant to hire someone who'll leave in two months time. Once it gets nearer to the start of term (few weeks before), mention that you've gotten a place at University, and if there's any chance you could move to a seasonal contract - at that point they've already invested in training you etc, so they'll be more flexible.
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    Thank you for your advice and making me even more excited about Newcastle
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Updated: July 13, 2016
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