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European & International law at UWE

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    I got two offers, one to study European & International Law at the University of the West of England and another to study International Law at the University of Hull. I find it very hard to make a choice between the two since UWE has an option called law in action which gives me real experience which is fundamental for a career in law, but Hull has some very successful law alumni and a very good reputation in law. I want to become a lawyer working in international human rights and I could really use some advice as to which uni would be best for me and my future.

    Hi amslux, I'm heading for my final year on the general Law programme at UWE in September, and I intend to practice in international human rights in the future just like you. First of all, congratulations on receiving your offers! I can understand your frustration in choosing between Hull and UWE due to their similarities.

    From a structural point of view, if you are going to choose between the two, UWE might be a better choice. Not that I'm saying it because I'm a UWE student, it's because I genuinely think so. I shall lay out three aspects of this.

    The first matter is that at Hull, Public Law is split across two years (Constitutional in Year 1, and Administrative in Year 2), whereas at UWE it is taught only in your first year (the split being in your first and second terms). It is indeed a big and interesting subject, but splitting it across two years may not be the best idea, more so probably for someone taking International Law in year 2, like I did, especially with EU on the side. It gives you more time to focus on International Law rather than getting it confused with UK Public Law!

    The second matter is that of the QLD subjects. At Hull, you will finish all your QLD subjects at the end of year 2, which, depending on your personality, is either particularly good, or you just might get bored by the end of the year! At UWE, the law of equity and trusts is taught in year 3, building upon land law in year 2. You therefore get another option to choose in year 2 if you study at UWE, which is always exciting!

    The final matter is the matter of university-compulsory subjects. In Hull, these are Legal Systems and Methods, Skills for Law, and Values and Law. At UWE, these are all incorporated into Foundations for Law in your first year. Basically, instead of taking three modules at Hull, you'll do one at UWE. My first year was the first time they attached the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management if you passed what was then called Legal and Professional Skills. It gives you something extra to put on your CV! My lecturers then said they hoped to continue it so I assume that's still on in FFL this year through the coursework, but don't take my word for it!

    I hope that helps, and good luck with choosing the university you think fits best for you!
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