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Where have all the romantic, intelligent, home-girls gone?

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    (Original post by FrogLad)
    I require evidence before i believe you
    Haha sorry, don't want to turn you to stone

    You can't really find girls like that on online dating sites because they're too busy reading or taking part in useful activities which will enable them to fulfil their goals. They are open to relationships if they meet a guy whom they like, but they don't go around actively looking for one. Perhaps you should hang out in the library or in the debate chamber. Meanwhile I have the opposite problem- all the guys I meet are turned off by rational topics.

    (Original post by claireestelle)
    I don't think that's asking too much, but yes many of us could be taken:P
    Sorry if I'm butting in here but I agree with the thread starter. Although if you're after a particular type of person, then I believe you should find them in places where that kind of person would go. For example you want an intelligent girl who likes reading - go to a library, and so forth.

    However I can see where the guy is coming from, every girl I have spoken to is roughly the same, simpletons, struggle to click on an intellectual level and the fact that they are heavily influenced by things like, love island and towie. Which isn't exactly the bastion of intellect. But intellect isn't the only thing, humour, fun and above all friend.

    Home? :dontknow:
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Updated: July 13, 2016
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