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Tudor history coursework questions?

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm currently choosing a question for my AQA history coursework spanning 100 years, and I'm going to focus on the Tudors- but i don't know what to do for the question. Did anyone pick the Tudors for their coursework or have any experience with a question?

    Are there any specific aspects of Tudor history that you find particularly interesting? This is always a good starting point.
    I'd also advise you to have a quick search to see if there are any areas that are heavily debated, as this will help you to form a question that you can argue well.

    I don't know how your question has to be phrased, but for AS I studied Henry VII, VII, Edward and Mary and there were 3 key areas: finance, foreign policy and religion.

    If you're interested in foreign policy it might be cool to look at how and why foreign policy towards a certain country changed over time - France and Spain are both very interesting but the HRE also gets some decent action when Charles V turns into a massive knob and decides to screw Henry over with divorce and all.

    Finance is suitably dull but Henry VII has some great bits. You could pair finance with crime and punishment and see how punishment of the nobles/laymen changed over time, from Henry VII putting bonds on people's heads and stealing kids to ensure loyalty (true story), to Mary and Elizabeth burning people (fun fact: E actually burned more people than M!). Henry VIII didn't really punish his nobles, but in the time of Edward there were some crazy strict restrictions by this guy Somerset who was a bit wack to be honest and said if someone was out of work for more than 3 days, he'd brand them with a V and sell them into slavery.

    Religion is very interesting during Henry VIII-Elizabeth. You could have a question which is like "How far was religion responsible for the unrest in Tudor England between 1520s (when the whole divorce stuff started going off) to 1603 (when Elizabeth died)?". There's an absolute ton to say about that because some historians think people were super mad during Henry VIII about divorce preceedings but then it's speculated that a lot of the religious reforms post break with Rome were actually to help the people? Some of the first things brought up in the Reformation Parliament (dealing with his break from Rome) were socio-economic focused. Super cool stuff.

    If you want anything else Tudor-y just let me know, but I'm limited in the amount of Tudor I can provide for! Hope this helps.
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Updated: August 5, 2016
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