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Chittesh's Journey to 3 A*s at A-Level

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    (Original post by Jitesh)
    S1 is a module I think anyone is able to understand if they put some effort into it
    I ended up with 93/100 and I wasn't the best at stats lol
    Hopefully I can do the same . I haven't started yet I'm just being lazy I've only done C1 and it took me like 3 days because I done it last year too lol. Going to start C2 ASAP.

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    (Original post by DylanJ42)
    Thanks a lot yea gcses to me test if you can do lots of subjects at a "skimming the surface" level, then alevel is a little more in depth in a select few subjects. I think alevels suit some people better (such as me) because I can do maths and science and thats about it :laugh:, others do very well at gcse then not so well at alevels and then very smart people do well in both!

    starting a gap year, going to study maths and computer science.

    I assumed you did because you're doing maths over summer, whoops. Hopefully you grow to love it as you work through further maths

    also im getting this too, i didnt get a notification for your reply, i just happened to read it when looking thorugh the thread. TSR itself must be bugged, hopefully its fixed soon
    Tbh, as I said I was lazy asf. I still am and hence why to get out of that mode I am doing maths during my holidays, still I am basically not doing it but I was... Now I've stopped and just do 2 past papers everyday lol which is no effort. Once I start doing Solomon papers it counts because they really require thinking lol and sometimes piss you off.

    Good luck for your degree and I hope you do well . In terms of TSR, it's making me mad too because I don't like missing replies especially if someone asks me a question - makes me feel guilty lol. It is definitely bugged.

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    (Original post by Chittesh14)
    have you forgotten about your blog?
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    (Original post by Naruke)
    have you forgotten about your blog?
    Nope, I just haven't been revising so I won't update it until I start.
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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