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Have I been cheated- should I play these employers

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    So i signed up to this event staffing agency and lo and behold they asked me to buy my own uniform. that is one cost
    then they ask me to attend this training for 30 pounds one of fee from my earnings
    come now having bought my uniform, all the shifts I was booked for- ive been put on reserve. Except for one shift- which hours would add to 30- so i really get no money
    I understand zero hours but it seems that these people are a joke
    shall i accept me being played for buying uniform and travel expenses but not attend any shifts unless it provides over 90 pounds to recover my costs and earn something. Or forgo them altogether.
    btw if anyone knows about racism in these agencies and how they pick people to do events- please let me know

    (Original post by Iwouldliketoknow)
    Was the uniform just generic black trousers, white shirt sort of thing, that you could wear as your own clothing (they can ask you to pay), or was it branded with their logo (they should have paid)?

    These companies are always very tight on these sort of things, because frankly their employees are flaky as hell as well. It's a mutual relationship, but if employees are going to come and go, move and come back, make late decisions about availability, be uncontactable for weeks etc etc, then employers are going to pile all the set-up costs on the employee.

    If you want to recoup your money, you need to work for them. You might not make your money back in a single event. It's entirely your choice, but if you want money, you need to work.
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Updated: July 14, 2016
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