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What do you miss about being little

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    That sense of humility that comes with knowing you've yet to enter full boss mode :innocent:

    Literally just living life one day at a time without having to worry about the next day.

    (Original post by sharkbate633)
    Feeling a bit board so decided to start this topic up. I was inspired by the topic what do you miss most about school. What do you miss about being little when you where at that age of your life where you were stress free and had no responsibilities
    I miss playing outside with the friends I had on my street. Going on bike rides, playing kerby, going to their house and playing xbox.

    I used to play football with my brother and his friends and they always included me because they thought I was good, I miss that too.

    I miss another group of friends I had that were literally the 'squad' but are now just strangers to me.

    Playing with friends at school, not having to worry too much about life [exams, jobs etc] and also some TV cartoons. And some video games,

    Being able to spend 14 hours a day playing out in the woods

    My father and grandparents. Otherwise nothing; I much prefer being an adult.

    Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, C&C Red Alert, Pokémon, Toonami, The Outer Limits, Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, local library, chess, snakes and ladders, Ludo, hide and seek, Pogs, yoyos, bikes, climbing walls in back gardens around the entire block of the road/street and plenty more that I can't remember now...

    (the 90s)
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Updated: July 18, 2016
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