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HELP ME! - Aberdeen Uni accommodation

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    -which is best between Don Street and Linksfield Road?-

    Hello, I'll be a first year student in the uni of Aberdeen next September and I'd like to know which is best between Don Street and Linksfield Road? (Liberty living)

    Hi there! I only lived in the Liberty Living Accomodation at Linksfield Road this year as a Fresher, so I can't tell you about Don Street.

    Linksfield for me was very good as it was the right size to not be intimidating when you first arrive (I feel like I would get lost at Hillhead hahhahah), and it's probably just a bit closer to the University than Don Street. It's also RIGHT next to the Sports Village so if you're doing any clubs that's great, as well as the beach and a Tesco Express (literally 3 minutes away so perfect for running to buy alcohol at 9:50pm :P) The people there were really nice and you're always going to find someone (or someones) to go to classes with. In terms of maintenance, this is difficult. My ensuite light broke once and I emailed maintenance and they came the next morning, but our block door at the bottom didn't have a lock when we moved in and it took them until either just before or after christmas break to put in a TEMPORARY lock. However we didn't get any strange people around the buildings so I wasn't too bothered. The rooms themselves were spacious, and getting an ensuite is DEFINITELY worth it as it wasn't that much more expensive.

    Overall it's totally up to you where too chose (you could have one as a back up?) but I had a great year in Linksfield
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    Hi! Thank you so much for your reply! Linksfield looks really good indeed! Isn't it hard to get to the city centre by bus compared to Don Street though?

    Absolutely not! Obviously I've never taken the bus from Don Street, but if you walk to the end of Linksfield Road (where it meets King Street) There is a bus stop a could yards away and if yo take the 1 or 2 you go straight into town! It's like a 4 minute walk from the accomodation, probably less
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