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Who are the real racists?

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    Judging by protests they only blame white racism by police and ignore the masses killed by non-Whites. They are also quick to jump the gun and treat every Black male death as cold blooded murder.

    Lets take a look at some of those racist police targeting the African-Americans...

    Officer Jeronimo Yanez who is thought to be Filipino-American was the one who shot Philando Castile.

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    Peter Liang is a Chinese-American officer who shot Akai Gurley. He was actually indicted which led to racism cries from Chinese-Americans who felt he was a scapegoat.

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    Officer Daniel Hawlclaw

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    He didn't kill anyone, but he raped numerous Black women. His mother is Asian, his father is White however some media labelled him as White. Does that mean Obama is White then?

    Freddie Gray, who's death sparked incredibly destructive protests that caused $9 million worth of damage. But it wasn't shown until after, that half of the officers involved in his death were African-American. People simply assumed that it was White racist police.


    When they preach against racism and prejudices, they have to look at themselves first.
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Updated: July 14, 2016
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